Good government matters. Trump has shown that norms alone do not work — laws must be enacted to shore up good government before we lose it forever.

For when you assemble a Number of Men to have the Advantage of their joint Wisdom, you inevitably assemble with those Men all their Prejudices, their Passions, their Errors of Opinion, their local Interests, and their selfish Views. From such an Assembly can a perfect Production be expected? It therefore astonishes me, Sir, to find this System approaching so near to Perfection as it does.
— Benjamin Franklin, Final Speech to the Constitutional Convention (1787)

Today, a measure of sanity prevailed. The Board of Canvassers for Michigan certified the results of the election in this state, and so doomed Donald…

The Founders declared the separation of church and state for a reason — elected officials should not be “anointed by God”.

The Declaration of Independence was to set forth the moral justification of a rebellion against a long recognized political tradition — the divine right of kings. At issue was the fundamental question of whether men’s rights were God-given or whether these rights were to be dispensed by governments to their subjects. This document proclaimed that all men have certain inalienable rights. In other words, these rights came from God.

— Ezra Taft Benson

Donald Trump is no Christian. He does not care about our faith or our Savior, and wouldn’t be caught dead being baptized and born-again. In 2016, what…

Pro-life? Christian? Neither. These people are Mammonists.

Jesus has a word with the moneychangers in the temple.

Jesus preached a lot about wealth.
It is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to go to heaven.
Give away all of your money if you wish to follow me.
The woman who used all of her expensive perfume to wash His feet.
The woman who gave only two coins to the tithe, but it was all she had to give, when many rich people who gave only gave a fraction of their wealth.

And, of course, the day he went all HAM, flipped over the tables of…

That experience changed my views on healthcare and policy forever

WHO data as of this morning about COVID19

December 2009. I was an assistant retail manager, criminally low-paid, but grateful to have a job that gave me benefits, including decent health insurance and paid time off. December is holiday season, it’s busy, it’s brutal, and every retailer in America takes the same tack. Nobody can take a day off of PTO. No vacations until Christmas Day. If you’re sick, you’d better be truly sick or you’re going to get all sorts of hell from your general manager, maybe even your district manager (I had the unfortunate distinction of working for a district manager who was infamous for his…

This isn’t a failure of leftist policies. This is the climax of a ten-year storm wrought by centrism and a great recession.

I expected it, somehow. I expected that Britain, having careened all over the place since a June 2016 Brexit vote that was both stunning in its outcome and entirely too close to declare consensus, would find a way to spite itself once more. Denied a second Brexit referendum after the sordid details of Russian interference and illegal expenditures came out, and then watching Theresa May fumble her way through having three deals rejected by Parliament in resounding fashion, voters threw up their hands and said the hell with it. Let Boris have his Brexit.

The NHS is going to be…

History is littered with examples of evil and/or disasters that could’ve been stopped had we listened. Maybe there’s a bigger reason this keeps happening.

Concentration camps, unchecked greed, constant floods, and technology that measures social credit — the dystopian future is now.

For four years now, a large number of people have been warning of the rise of white nationalism from of isolationist bigots like Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, and the parties behind them, like UKIP or Alternative for Germany. For an even longer time, “conservatives” around the world have ignored the warnings of climate change, even as the alarms grow more frequent and the disasters become ever larger. Both of these dangers have the ability to grow cataclysmic, and yet we do nothing. The question that comes to mind is why. Why are we not doing more as a…

We must burn down this economic system to save ourselves

Clarity is always a refreshing thing for a person. In my case, it was a tweet this week by @leslieleeiii that brought it to me.

Attached to Leslie’s tweet was this Reddit thread, which recounted how a young salesperson lost their job after struggling upon returning from a bereavement leave when both his parents were killed suddenly, without warning. All of this struck a chord with me, and I replied that I was lucky when my dad died that my job at the time was very understanding and told me to take all the time I needed off, but how…

The heralded ex-president, recently deceased, made a number of blunders that set up the descent into fascism across the globe.

As a kid, and well into my adulthood, I admired George H.W. Bush. In the past decade, that view has changed considerably. A full review of his record, especially in foreign affairs, his area of declared expertise, demands a major correction of what history has said about him. From the fall of the Soviet Union to Yugoslavia’s breakup to Afghanistan to financial decisions, Bush made critical, repeated errors that led us straight down the path to where we are today.

The Soviet Union

Bush was a Cold Warrior from the Nixon house of realpolitik, and when he took over from…

59 people are dead. 527 others are wounded, some of whom may die in the next few days.

This is the second greatest attack in this century upon Americans, and the difference between the first and the second could not be any starker.

After 9/11, we immediately instituted all manner of airport security regulations. People had their right to fly revoked. We all went through more intrusive security inspections. Nobody complained, because we understood that we needed better protection from highjacking and the use of airplanes as weapons. That was after one attack.

Sunday night in Las Vegas, one man…

I wrote Senators this weekend to tell them about just what my family has endured and why they need to vote no on Deathcare.

There was a tweet this weekend that set me off substantially. It came from Evan Siegfried, a conservative author, who decided to suit up in the uniform of the tone police and post this:

You see, I resent crap like this, for a simple reasn: It’s not just a bad bill, it’s a bill that will kill people. I don’t know about you, but if a bill that is being touted as an improvement to healthcare will kill, at best, tens of thousands of people, my tone should be #96758 on the list of things to be concerned about.

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